Intuitive guidance and spiritual healing. Peel back the layers of who you are not. Find who you truly are.


Individual Work

Transformational/Healing Sessions

Creating a healing container for you to enter is the first powerful step that I take toward helping you reach your personal goals. If you step into this container with a strong intention (for healing, for clarity, for getting free from old patterns where you are stuck, etc.) then we will be propelled into a one-hour journey of the heart and soul that is powerful and transformational.

During the 12 years that I have worked with Suzi, she has taught me the art of being still and present enough to tap into divine wisdom and discover my soul’s purpose.  Through Suzi’s gentle nurturing, I have learned the skills for developing my intuition, and for allowing it to guide me.  Suzi’s meditative energy work has helped me to become a more balanced and positive person.



Group Work

Community is vital for anyone on the spiritual path of personal growth and becoming who you long to be.  For women, it is even more important to be a part of a sisterhood where you feel supported, witnessed and appreciated at the deepest levels of who you are.  This is why group work for me is so important.  I love to create containers where mixed groups can drop into the wisdom that lies deep in their hearts, explore perennial wisdom principles and share their journeys with others who are also exploring.  But most of all, I love to create a space where women can come together with women, drop into their feminine essence and explore the deep and mysterious parts of themselves that may have been unexplored and neglected.

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Suzi is an amazingly gifted healer and counselor.  I have been working with her for the better part of 13 years and she is constantly improving and honing her skills.  She is a gifted woman. 

I find a safe, non-judgmental environment in which to dive in and find what it is I need to work through or move out of my life in order to find my true self.  Her work is always offered in compassion, love  and with the intent for the client’s highest good.  Time spent with Suzi is worth every moment and dime invested.




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