How I Help People on Their Journeys

About Me

I am a teacher, healer and an intuitive coach who is passionate about helping you find your way toward becoming your true self and creating the life that your heart longs to live.

About Me (Longer)

I love to do one-on-one sessions with clients that are healing and transformational. I then teach spiritual wisdom principles and tools that enable you to continue the healing and transformation on your own. I love to coach meditation skills and to help you find the type of spiritual practice that best works for you. I am passionate about feminine spirituality and helping women regain their connection with themselves as women and with the feminine face of god through classes, weekends and retreats. 

I have a masters in education and spent most of 20 years in some kind of classroom setting. I learned valuable lessons and skills in the classroom, that enable me to facilitate groups in an organized and compassionate way. I bring from these years a deep understanding of development and the support that we all need in order to grow into more of ourselves. I then took graduate studies in counseling psychology and learned the psychology of healing and transforming. In 2004 I began to mentor under an intuitive spiritual counselor and got excited about adding spiritual principles and spiritual practices such as meditation to the healing mix. A new piece of the puzzle was added when I began to study under a spiritual healer in 2007. Here I learned to use my intuition and my ability to shift energy to help clients navigate their inner landscape in a transformational way. The final piece came to me when I began to study under a wonderful and powerful facilitator who offers transformational retreats for women. Here I learned about the power that is found when women are working with other women in a powerful container that supports their growth and letting go of what no longer serves them.

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