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Working in a group setting has many benefits. The spiritual journey can seem lonely and secluded if all you do is meditate alone in your house. On the other hand, in groups you are part of a community where everyone is on a similar journey of becoming more of who they are, learning to meditate and waking up. Listening to the other’s check-ins and questions can help you feel less isolated and alone in your journey. Also, group work is overall more affordable than doing one-on-one individual work. And finally, especially for women, being in a safe container of other women can free you up to explore parts of yourself that you might not otherwise be willing to look at. As women, we actually grow spiritually when we are deeply accepted and unconditionally “seen” by other women.

Whether you are called to once a week classes that provide a deep dive into a concept or type of meditation, or whether a weekend intensive is your thing, or you are interested in week-long retreats – group work is a great way to connect to others, learn new ideas or methods and make transformational jumps in your spiritual growth.

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