Individual Work

Individually Going Within to Find Clarity & Light

Transformational/Healing Sessions

I am an intuitive guide that can help you navigate your inner journey with a depth and insight that you could not reach on your own. Creating a healing space for you to enter is the first powerful step that I take to help you to ‘become you’ and to realize your heart’s deepest desires. If you step into this container with a strong intention (for healing, for clarity, for getting free from old patterns where you are stuck, etc.) then we will be propelled into a one-hour journey of the heart and soul that is powerful and transformational.

Am I a counselor? Not in the way that we think of counseling – I do not practice traditional therapy. Am I an energy healer? What we do together can shift your energy and bring healing but I do not do hands-on work to your physical body. I work on the spiritual level. I am an intuitive guide who can help you see your own inner landscape and help you find your way toward your next steps.

At the end of each session, I will suggest visualizations and practices that will help you continue on your own the journey that we began together. One session and some new tools may keep you growing and moving forward on your own for several weeks or even months.

If you are ready for an inspiring coach to help you find your next steps, create new aspects of your life that are more in alignment with who you are at a soul level and get unstuck from the old repetitive patterns that have you mired down, sign up for a session today.

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