Client Testimonials

Client Stories of Their Journeys with Me

Client Stories

I have been fortunate to be able to accompany others on their journeys. Here are some of their stories about how the experience went for them.

Suzi has been so helpful to me over the years. Her compassion, sensitivity and knowledge coupled with her amazing gifts as an intuitive energy healer have helped me work through some challenging experiences. She has helped me gain greater focus so that I am not spinning my wheels in negativity.

I am looking forward to continue my work with Suzi Loewen.


I love working with Suzi.  Her work does nothing if not grow stronger over the years, and I have done that, worked with her on and off over the years.  She is a goddess of being able to be with me in different capacities (friend, colleague, etc.) and then when working with me, hone in to help, guide, release, support, love me to a more released place within myself so that I have more spaciousness to keep journeying to my higher place. The place that is me, the one that feels like ahhhh, that’s me, that’s more where I want to be.  Her work gives me room to grow and let go.  Her clarvoincy is awe inspiring yet she will be the first to say, it is available to all.  I highly recommend a session or two to see how different her energy work is and mixed with Yin Healing, how deep changes can happen and not necessarily with effort to get there; that’s another Ahhhhhh!  

Prue Addy

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Spokane, WA

Suzi is a caring compassionate soul.  Gifted with high levels of intuition, filled with real life experience and having  access to heart centered celestial wisdom. All making for a wonderful experience every time. whether your seeking the next step along your path appear or looking to re-wire the whole system. Suzi can help you transition smoothly.

Marc Munro

LMP, Spokane, WA

Suzi is an amazingly gifted healer and counselor.  I have been working with her for the better part of 13 years and she is constantly improving and honing her skills.  She is a gifted woman. 

I find a safe, non-judgmental environment in which to dive in and find what it is I need to work through or move out of my life in order to find my true self.  Her work is always offered in compassion, love  and with the intent for the client’s highest good.  Time spent with Suzi is worth every moment and dime invested.



During the 12 years that I have worked with Suzi, she has taught me the art of being still and present enough to tap into divine wisdom and discover my soul’s purpose.  Through Suzi’s gentle nurturing, I have learned the skills for developing my intuition, and for allowing it to guide me.  Suzi’s meditative energy work has helped me to become a more balanced and positive person.



I met Suzi about a year ago as she was facilitating a women’s wisdom circle. I learned so much from Suzi about my feminine spirit. She helped to bring these feminine qualities to my conscious, to live as a beautiful woman, to claim my birth-right. It made me want more, more of who I am. Suzi has another gift that I have not experienced with other teachers. She is an intuit! Along with her gifts as a counselor, teacher, and women’s advocate, she used her intuition to help me explore the origins of my self-limiting beliefs. This allowed me to understand some of my behaviors. It also helped me be more compassionate and forgiving. She guided me lovingly with meditation to face my most daunting fears. What adds to Suzi’s credibility is that she has worked hard on her own journey. She has walked her talk. Suzi is compassionate, sweet, and fun. She will dance her way into your heart. And you will dance in joy and freedom. That freedom will help you soar to your highest purpose.

Erin O’Regan, RN

Spokane, Washington

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